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Savencia : En Cas de Caprice, Nudge for a mindful Pleasure


En Cas de Caprice : A Nudge to turn cheese consumption into a mindful pleasure

1. What is the observed insight?

Restrictive and directive dietary advice often fails to encourage the consumer towards a healthy diet. Research studies show that mindful eating and portion control strategies may help the consumer to better control food and calories intake*. The challenge in this case is how to identify the levers for guiding the consumer toward the right portion size.

2. The Nudge

The main behaviour to encourage is healthy eating habits. According to the world Health Organization, a healthy diet helps protect against malnutrition and non-communicable diseases. When considering healthy diversified diets, the consumed food portion size and relevant food associations are two key levers. The portion control strategy is an efficient way to help the consumer in adequate food and calorie consumption.

As a leader on the market of cow milk soft cheese, En Cas de Caprice believes that it is important to take part in the global strategy to help the consumer adopt a healthy diet.

The Nudge Strategy of En Cas de Caprice is based on its easily portionable log shape and the very innovative packaging with strips allowing to visualize the 15g portions. The nudge aims to push to a mindful eating and awareness on the consumed amounts.

Dairy and particularly cheese products are nutrient-dense foods covering significant nutrients needs in children and adults. National nutrition programmes recommend 3 dairy products per day. 2 portions of 15g of En Cas de Caprice cover one of the 3 dairy products/day. Providing visual marks, as En Cas de Caprice does, helps the consumer to visually locate the portion size and manage the consumed quantity, while benefiting from nutrients content of this cheese product.

3. Evidence path

A home use consumer study comparing a standard product with En Cas de Caprice demonstrated that the nudge approach significantly impacts consumer behaviour and leads to a better control of the quantity consumed per serving (-18%) and during 5 days (-28%). A general awareness of the consumer on the amount of cheese to consume is also obtained**.

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