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Dans le cadre des Nudges for good de l​‌’AIM, voici l​‌’exemple de Kleenex

How Kleenex used the Nudge to increase the effect of its new packaging technology


1. What is the observed insight?

Benelux consumers are living in highly-populated areas where living space is scarce. Consumers are critical about the products they are using and the space they take in their homes. 72% of the average tissue users don’t put the tissue box on the table because of the size of the box. Meanwhile shoppers are looking for value-for-money and the size impression of the product in store plays a key role.


2. The Nudge

BACKGROUND: Using packaging technology to compress the Kleenex tissue box by 25%.

More convenience for the consumer – easier to shop, transport, stock and lowering the barrier for placement in house

Better for the environment – less air in box/less carton used optimizing shipment and storage

Shops and retailers can fit more boxes in the same shelf space – less time for stores to fill the shelf, reduced out-of-stock risks, more profit per shelf space

PRINCIPLE: Reassure the consumer (anchoring) that the compact new tissue box offers the same quantity and Kleenex quality (setting a new category norm). Hard rollover from the old to the new box to frame the choice context towards the new compact box, creating a new buying and usage habit, while reassuring on value (justify price).

EXECUTION: In the transition phase from the bigger box to the new compact box, communication focused on reassuring the consumer that the content of the box didn’t change but only the package changed to a more compact and convenient format.

Re-assure on value: an on-pack front of pack icon and a print campaign

Create usage habit: a personalized box cover campaign suited for the new box height and stimulating placement


3. Evidence path

Western Europe estimates:

Less packaging: 425.300 kg cardboard, 40.000 kg plastic wraps, 600.000 kg corrugate

Less transport: 30% fewer  trucks, 603 Tons CO² reduction

Activation: >200.000 box covers – 96% placed on a table/counter

Market share: Non Promo ROS for Kleenex Everyday Box in NL (MAT32 ‘16) by +12% and for BE by +10% (MAT23 ‘16)


La vidéo ici

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